The brief:

Bring a beautiful photographic identity to Skinade’s next-generation anti-ageing collagen drink


The plan:

Create a suite of photographic assets that would a) make Skinade’s products desirable and b) demystify the innovative new format of drinkable skincare.


The project:

Skinade is a skin-enhancing supplement drink which is clinically proven to work from within to increase skin’s hydration and radiance, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase suppleness.


Skinade wanted a suite of visual assets as compelling as their scientific results to bring the product to life and make it memorable within a crowded beauty and wellness market. It was also important to bring the concept to life, as the idea of drinkable skincare was a new one on most consumers.


The Rebecca Abigail team developed a photography concept putting where beautiful skin became the star of the show to visually communicate the benefit of drinking Skinade and show the product in use. The team scouted a range of models and selected a minimalistic studio location to bring a fresh, millennial-friendly spin to the photography.


The team produced more than 500 photos, which are being rolled out across Skinade’s digital channels.



Photographer: Michael Palmer

Hair & Make-up Artist: Gemma Stafford