The challenge

Having been on a journey from their business nearly folding to then rising from the ashes, we were brought on board at a time that Teespring was returning to profitability in 2018. During the same time period, the business launched a number of industry-first features in partnerships with the biggest social media and streaming platforms on the planet. We were challenged by Teespring to help them win back credibility, position them as industry leaders and attract world-class creators and talent to the business through the media.


The strategy

We conducted a series of announcements highlighting Teespring’s significant new partnerships with key tech and creator communities. This activity included launching the ‘merch shelf’ feature with YouTube, an exclusive partnership announced during the streaming platform’s annual VidCon conference.

All announcements were designed to create a layered approach to the positioning of Teespring as an industry leader. In-depth business stories used CEO Chris Lamontagne as the insightful leader seeing the business through its difficult phase and into its current state of profitability while working to continue building the platform’s following through the announcements and targeted creator stories.

The results

Teespring continues to be consistently discussed in the platform’s top target tech media with blanket coverage of the YouTube ‘merch shelf’ partnership through to stand out business stories for CEO Chris Lamontagne on Forbes and Axios. Regular, creator-focused stories also shine a spotlight on the success the platform brings to creators, subsequently demonstrating how others in the community can achieve the same. Teespring’s appearances in target publications has supported increased awareness amongst creator communities, with numbers continuously growing on the site, as well as further partnerships with the biggest social media and streaming platforms.