The challenge

Volkswagen invested $300 million into global black taxi app Gett, thrusting the former start-up into the global spotlight. It was imperative that the coverage contained the message that The Volkswagen Group made the investment as part of its strategy to generate a substantial share of its future sales revenue from new business models focused on mobility services. Press coverage needed to promote the positive move forward for both companies serving as the foundation for the operation of on-demand autonomous cars and bringing Gett’s total funding to over $520 million.

The strategy

To launch the global strategic partnership between the automotive powerhouse and the on-demand mobility company, we pre-briefed the top tier international press to break the news.

The results

Within 24 hours, the story was covered by over 61 global publications garnering 649 million views and was headline news in titles like The Financial Times, TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal cementing Gett’s position as a leader in the motoring industry.