ClassPass, the leading fitness and wellness aggregator and the world’s first unicorn of the decade enlisted our help to announce the company’s initiatives during the peak of the global COVID-19 crisis. Given the importance and urgency of the story as well as sudden changes in newsrooms across the globe, it was essential to communicate ClassPass’ initiatives with both consumers and trade titles effectively and tactfully.



As the news impacted both consumers and studio partners, we used a two-pronged approach. Prior to the international embargo lifting, we conducted pre-briefings and interviews with the CEO of the company with local and international news publications, including CNBC and the Evening Standard. Once the embargo lifted, we were then able to communicate the news to trade fitness and wellness titles as well as other consumer, tech and business titles.


In just one announcement, we secured 17 pieces of positive coverage in top-tier outlets like CNBC, Evening Standard and Verdict resulting in a reach of over 295 million people.