What we do

Rebecca Abigail is a leading communications agency based in central London. We’re most proud of two things at Rebecca Abigail: our team, and our clients.

Our workforce is a quick-thinking, hard-working team of innovative thinkers, all of whom prefer to work in an agile and adaptable environment instead of one limited by red tape, process and bureaucracy. This makes us quick off the mark and more finely tuned to the pulse of what makes people tick and brands sizzle, online and off.

And our clients — they span multiple industries, but share one common denominator: they’re maverick trailblazers in their space, looking for a creative agency to help them make waves and shake up the status quo.

Rebecca Abigail delivers results not by applying a one-size-fits-all rhythm of press releases and vanilla social media content. Instead, we craft bespoke strategies and compelling stories that shift the dial for businesses that get us excited.

Meet some of the trailblazers we work with
The Rebecca Abigail MO

We *hate* red tape. We’re an agile, fast-paced workforce who pride ourselves on working in an efficient, organic way that cuts out clunky processes and bland bureaucracy.


In the same vein, we believe that good communications and strong storytelling shouldn’t be limited to a specific vertical. Our clients are some of the world’s most entrepreneurial, innovative, responsible and pioneering brands in their respective fields, from start-ups to multinational public companies.


Changing mindsets starts with understanding audiences. To craft conversations that count, we drill down into what makes the target demographic tick so that we can hit them right in the sweet-spot and build robust, memorable campaigns and strategies.

Meaningful measurement

Measuring marketing plans shouldn’t be on a one-size-fits-all basis. We work closely with our clients to understand what success really looks like for them and create a bespoke approach to tracking how well our strategy is meeting those goals.